Union Station, Portland, OR, photo by C. Hamilton
Union Station, Portland, OR, photo by C. Hamilton

Rail.chat, our own social medium

There has been a lot of news recently about Twitter. It's been a useful communication tool for over a decade, but at present, its future looks bleak. Therefore, AANW has stopped interacting on Twitter.

We saw Twitter's problems coming, so back in April 2022, we set up our own way to communicate, called Rail.chat. It uses an open-source platform called Mastodon. Just like with email, anyone on Rail.chat can connect with anyone at any other "federated" server using Mastodon and several other platforms.

Try it! Create an account at https://rail.chat/ and click the "Profiles directory" link at the bottom left to find interesting people. If you already have an account in the "fediverse," follow AANW: @[email protected].

There's no charge, and no ads. We'll ask for donations occasionally to cover the bandwidth.

So join the chat today!