Union Station, Portland, OR, photo by C. Hamilton
Union Station, Portland, OR, photo by C. Hamilton

Future Activities

Focus on activities beyond 2022 that will fulfill regional goals.

Goals for 2023 and Beyond

  1. Create a Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Passenger Rail Working Group (modeled on the successful Gulf Coast Working Group) to investigate new and restored passenger rail service throughout the region, identifying a completed network vision, with understanding of multi-modal, intermodal, connections through funding available in the BIL Sec. 22214.
  2. Implement long-term economically-viable, user-friendly, non-automobile transportation services through the region on a core passenger rail system: Seamless transportation.
  3. Create a sustaining moment for better passenger rail and multi-modal transportation (and infrastructure investment more broadly) for the economy, environment and equity of our citizens.